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Board of Directors

Mark Gunderman Board Member

Mark Gunderman
Chairman (2025)

Wescott Logo

Mike Forsythe
Director (2025)

Charles Fleece Board Member

Charles Fleece
Secretary (2027)

Duane Garrett Board Member

 Duane Garrett
Treasurer (2027)

Meetings will be held every other month at 4:30 pm on Wednesdays starting in January of 2024. 
All meetings are  held at Station 1 located at 18650 Hwy 105 with access to ZOOM which is placed on each agenda. 

 2024 Board of Directors Schedule: January 24th

                                                            March 6th

                                                            April 24th

                                                            June 12th

                                                            June 26th

                                                            July 24th

                                                            September 25th

                                                            November 20th 


Volunteer Pension Meetings for 2024 are prior to the Board of Director meetings (June 26, 2024 and November 13, 2024)

Meeting agendas and approved minutes are posted on this page.


All meetings are OPEN to the Public.

Call 719-484-0911 for more information or email  

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