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Administrative Division

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The administrative division supports the needs of operations through several disciplines to include:


  • Fleet/apparatus

  • Facilities

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Communications

Jamey Bumgarner
Division Chief of Administration


Curt Leonhardt

Logistics Lieutenant

The Logistics Lieutenant reports to the Division Chief of Administration and is responsible for all district facilities, fleet, tools and equipment, personal protective equipment, and communications needs.


Facilities include the maintenance, inspection, budgeting, and repair of existing buildings. Forecasting, designing, and identifying future facility locations and infrastructure construction is also the responsibility of the logistics lieutenant.


Fleet responsibilities include managing all district vehicles including preventative maintenance, new vehicle purchases, developing vehicle replacement plans, budgeting, and establishing vendor contracts.


The Logistics Lieutenant also manages the maintenance and purchase of portable radios, mobile radios, computers, firefighting tools, equipment, and safety gear. Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders is essential to ensure interoperability with our partner agencies.

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