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Public Records Request

Colorado Open Records Act requires that all public records be open to inspection by any person.   The District will release only those documents permitted by CORA.   


Please use TLMFPD Public Records Request form.  Requests may be submitted via email, mail, fax or hand delivery. the date received, will constitute the "date of receipt." A fax is received when it is printed during regular business hours, or if received after hours, at 8:00 am on the following business day.  (CRS 24-72-205)

Fax: 719-481-3456 




The District has time spent by and redacting the right to charge for personnel gathering, reviewing, documents provided pursuant to a CORA request.   The fees are as follows:

  • The District does not charge for the first hour of research and retrieval.

  • Research and retrieval fee is $30.00 for the second hour and any subsequent hours additional copies are $2.00 per page.

  • The District may charge up to 25 cents for copying a standard page, per CORA.

  • The District may charge up to the actual cost for copying nonstandard public records. Such as;

  • CDs and audio recordings (Actual cost” charges pertain to the materials used to copy and does not include personnel time/compensation in copying costs.)

  • The District can charge a maximum of $30/hour after the first hour and will automatically adjust for inflation pursuant to statute.

  • The District reserves the right to charge fees to cover cost of transmission via postal or carrier, but the district may not charge for transmission fees for records transmitted via e-mail.

  • The District reserves the right to refuse transmission of records until confirmation of fees from the records requestor have been arranged.

  • Once fee is received, records should be transmitted within three business days.

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