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ISO Ratings

2022 Insurance Services Office Rating

For more information, see (appendix H)

What is ISO?

ISO is a service that provides rating and other services to property and casualty insurance industries.  The goal is to recognize the impact that public fire protection has on individual homeowner property fire rates, given that fire protection can affect the percentage of loss value that could be expected in the event of a fire. There are 10 categories, 10 meaning the lowest level of fire protection to a Class 1  (Class 1 = lowest annual property insurance). 



The Monument Fire  District uses two ratings for our fire district as of January 2022, provided you are within 5 road miles of a fire station and reside within the fire district (a Monument Fire District levy is on your annual property tax bill). ISO's main criteria are mainly performance-oriented, meaning ratings are largely based on the quantity of water a fire department crew can flow water and the duration of the water flow.  Developments with cistern access can qualify as a Class 3 rating, providing there are 30,000 gallons of water in the cistern. 

Wescott Fire Protection District, effective June 1, 2021, is an ISO rating of 2. Click here for more information 


Steps to determine your ISO rating

    1.  Verify with the El Paso County Assessors website which fire protection district you are in.  

    2.  Google the distance from your property to the nearest fire hydrant.

    3.  Google the distance from your property to the nearest fire station. 

 Click here to input the address to determine the ISO rating.


 Click here to see the map.

Rating      (See ISO Protection Class Brochure)

  • Class 3    MFD  properties located within 1000' of a fire hydrant

  • Class 3Y  MFD properties outside of 1000 feet and within 5 road miles of a fire station 

  • Class 2     Wescott Fire Protection District 


If you are beyond 5 road miles from a fire station, then you have the following ratings:

  • Class 10W for all properties located within 1000' of a water source

  • Class 10 for all properties located farther than 1000' from a water source


Vehicle Information

Each engine and ladder truck carries three fire extinguishers (dry chemical, CO2, and water) as well as 20 gallons of foam plus 10 additional,


  •  MFD  engine carries 1000 gallons of water ( We have two)

  •  MFD  reserve engine carries 750 gallons of water

  •  MFD ladder truck carries 300 gallons of water

  •  Wescott engine carries 750 gallons of water 

  •  Wescott engine carries 500 gallons of water

  •  Wescott tender carries 3500 gallons of water

  •  Wescott tender carries 1500 gallons of water

  • Type 3 carries 500 gallons of water. 

Total Gallons brought to a fire from our agency= minimum 9800 gallons of water


We have auto aid agreements with all of our surrounding fire departments.

Fire Stations

Monument Fire District is a careered department with 5 staffed stations running three ambulances daily.

Station 1-18650 Hwy 105                         -Platform ladder truck, wildland type 4 engine (1800 gallons of water total)

Station 2-18460 Rollercoaster Road       -Engine, type 6 brush truck (1050 gallons of water total)                               

Station 3-1855 Woodmoor Drive            -2 Engines, type 6 brush truck (1800 gallons of water)

Station 4-15415 Gleneagle Drive            -Engine, tender, type 6 brush truck (4800 gallons total)

Station 5- 15055 Colorado Highway 83  -Engine, ladder truck (800 gallons of water total)

Response Times

Times are very difficult to predict due to inclement weather. For the best estimate, Google the distance from the house in question to the nearest fire station.


For more information, contact Division Chief Bradley at

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