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Community Risk Reduction

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Jonathan Bradley
Division Chief of Community Risk Reduction

Community risk reduction's focuses include:

  • Community risk reduction/fire prevention

  • Fire district accreditation

  • Wildfire mitigation


We utilize a community approach to reducing the loss of life and property by assessing the risk posed to our district. We identify steps at a community level to reduce the risk and minimize the event's severity to our citizens and their property. 

Current areas we have identified are public education, code enforcement, wildfire mitigation, and numerous other emerging topics. The preparedness of our community is key to our success.

  • School Education and Prevention Programs

  • Adult Education and Prevention Programs

  • Homeowners Association Seminars

  • New Construction Plan Reviews (Contracted to Colorado Springs Fire Department)

  • Property Inspection with the Owner for Fuel Reduction opportunities

  • Business Inspections and Pre-Fire Plans

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