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Wescott Fire Department History

Who Was Donald Wescott?

Donald Wescott was a firefighter killed in the line of duty while fighting an apartment fire at the Yorkshire Apartments in May 1976. The fire also claimed the lives of three family members: a mother, her 5-year old daughter and her father-in-law. FF Wescott fell through the burning roof when the joints collapsed. There were several other firefighters who were injured in the blaze. The fire was caused by gasoline being stored in open containers and placed too close to the water heater pilot light.


  • In 1972 –The County builds a station located on Vincent Drive receiving the designation, El Paso County Fire Station 1.

  • In 1976 –Following the death of Donald Wescott, the need for a formal organization spurs the establishment of a fire department on the north side of El Paso county. The new department responds within the boundaries of Dublin Boulevard north to Chapel Hills, and Interstate 25 east to Powers Boulevard.

  • In 1978 –The department acquires two apparatus, an E One pumper and an E One tender.

  • In 1981 –El Paso County Courts grant permission after a general election of the voters to formally establish a fire district.

  • In 1981 –The district adopts the name Donald Wescott Fire Protection District, in Honor of the Firefighter Donald Wescott who died in the line of duty while operating at the Yorkshire apartments.

  • In 1983 –DWFPD opens a second station at 15000 Sun Hills Drive, the first district-owned fire station.

  • In 1987 –The district hires a Captain for its first paid staff position.

  • In 1997 –The district’s third station opens at 15415 Gleneagle Drive.

  • In 1998 –AMR partners with Wescott Fire Protection District to have ALS and transport in the community.

  • In 1998 –Jeff Edwards, who would go on to become Chief of the Department, is hired for the district’s second full-time position.

  • In 2001 –Chief Sheldon is employed as the first paid Chief of the Department.

  • In 2003 –The Vincent Drive station closes as the new southern boundary for the district is moved to Interquest Parkway.

  • In 2003 –The department institutes 24-hour rotations for its full-time staff providing uninterrupted coverage of the district.

  • In 2012 –Allowing the seventeen full-time firefighters to respond from two stations, the district opens a new station at Stagecoach Road and Highway 83, dedicating it to former Chief Jeff Edwards.

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