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How do I pay my impact fee?

Impact Fees

March 15, 2017

To all builders/developers requesting a return of previously paid impact fees:

  • MFD will return all impact fees, 100%, paid to the District since the Town of Monument approved the impact fee on October 17, 2016.  There is no need for a builder/developer to apply for this return.

  • Impact fees for the benefit of the district imposed by the Town of Monument at its meeting in October 2016 will be collected on April 1, 2017.  Builders needing to pull a permit prior to April 1 may do so  without paying a fee

  • MFD will begin processing builders’ claims for a return of the agreed-upon fees immediately. Under the terms of the Board-approved ‘Dispute Resolution, Waiver, and Release of Claims,’ which the builders, via the Homebuilders Association, affirmed was acceptable to them on March 3, 2017, builders may now apply for a return of the agreed-upon fees upon providing proof of payment of those fees. Once the District validates the request, payment will be provided consistent with the terms of the agreement. 

  • Any questions may be directed to the administrative offices at 719-484-0911.

​Fee Schedule

Effective October 18, 2016

The Town of Monument approved Resolution No. 28-2016.

"A Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Town of Monument, Colorado, adopting fire protection and emergency services impact fees and entering into an intergovernmental agreement with the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District for conferencing with owners/developers and for collection and remittance of the same."

Imposition of Impact Fees.   Until further amended, the Town hereby imposes the following fire and emergency services impact fee on all new developments located on property within the Town and within the MFD service area; such fee is to be collected prior to issuance of any building permits. The fees are collected in trust and used for capital asset purchases (C.R.S § 29-20-104.5). Send approval request for impact fee permit to Division Chief  Jonathan Bradley at Once received, he will send approval to the accountant for them to email you an invoice to pay.

Development Type Fire & Emergency Services Impact Fee
Commercial $.24 sq. ft
Residential single family $777 per dwelling unit
Residential multi-family $563 per dwelling unit


Please provide the following information: Include the builder's name, development name (if applicable), Property address, contact email, contact name, and phone number, and if commercial property, please list the total sq. feet.


Payment -we prefer payments via check. Email to request an invoice to pay an impact fee.

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