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Ambulance Billing

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 Monument Fire District (MFD) takes pride in being the emergency responders for the area. In our continuing efforts to provide quality service, please email any comments or concerns to EMS Coordinator, Stephanie Soll or call (719) 484-0911.

We really value any feedback on our services.

Ambulance services must charge enough for services to subsidize the cost of a crew for 24 hours a day coverage.  The core expense is labor, training, equipment, supplies, fuel, expertise, and crew readiness.  We operate three ambulances daily. MFD charges a BLS Rate (Basic Life Support), ALS Rate (Advance Life Support), and ALS2 rate. An additional supply cost is added to the bill to recoup the cost of supplies used as well as a cost per mile from the service location to the hospital. 

No preapproval is needed by your insurance for emergency transport as long as the medical needs are immediate and necessary.

MFD assesses fees for the delivery of pre-hospital medical and ambulance transport services in accordance with regional pricing.  Some commercial insurances process our claims as "out of network" or "non-contracted."  However, as a provider of emergency 911 services, our claims should not be processed as "out of network" or "non-contracted."  Consequently, we do not accept a lower level of reimbursement based on these notations and are able to balance bill the patient for the unpaid portion of our bill since we are not being included in the federal no surprises act since ground ambulances are carved out. In other words, publicly funded providers are excluded from Colorado 's balance billing protections. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to reprocess your claim if they process it with the notation above. Insurance companies (health and/or auto) generally cover the cost of ambulance transports, but they rely on medical necessity when determining reimbursement.  911 transports are considered medically necessary when health is in serious danger or trauma occurs. 


Medicare Part B covers emergency ambulance transport but will not cover the cost of emergency transport unless medically necessary. In other words, if the patient can be transported safely by other means, such as a car, then reimbursement cannot be paid per federal law. 


Although emergency services are performed by MFD, billing operations and the collection of fees are generated by a private billing company, Andres Medical Billing/EMS/MC Company.  Billing will process the claim through the patient's insurance first prior to billing the patient. Please notify us to assure we receive the correct insurance to bill. 


For billing inquiries, payment information, or records requests, please call 1-866-827-8469. EMSMC is the name of the billing company and they participate in "Chart Swap" for records requests from attorneys or contact 


 Jennifer Martin at 719-484-0911 


Click here to pay your ambulance bill online. 

MFD Notices of Privacy Practices


US Department of Health and Human Service Office for Civil Rights pertaining to COVID-19 HIPAA: Disclosures to law enforcement, 

paramedics, other first responders and public health authorities.


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